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Would I use a podcast in my classroom?

on July 2, 2013

When I was in college, I had a professor that went out on maternity leave for the last few weeks of the semester. She decided to use a podcast program through ITunes to continue class as normal, 2 times a week. I thought this was great. It was like a virtual classroom in which I could sit in my dorm room in my pajamas and learn. However, after a few lectures, it was becoming a little more difficult to find the motivation to sit down and listen to an hour of her lecturing on Itunes with no visuals. Now that I have been reading about Podcasts, I have realized that you can do some pretty neat things with it to make it interesting. It doesn’t have to be plain old lecture. It can be engaging and interactive.

I just figured out that in PowerPoint you can record narration on your slides and turn it into a movie. However, this is only on the Macintosh Microsoft Office. Hooray! Finally something that my Mac can do too! I tried it out briefly to see if I could figure it out. It is awesome. I will definitely be using this tool to create the podcast for my class project. I am still up in the air about using something like this in my classroom though. My thought process is that if I could be standing up there speaking to the students, why would I record and let them watch or listen to me speak. However, on the other hand, I could be walking around and checking in on each student as they progress through the lesson. Again, I think that I might have to wait to make that decision when I am actually in a classroom and I can try it out. Until then, I will continue to learn new ways to incorporate this in my lesson plans!


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