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on July 31, 2013

5 Reasons to Allow Students to Use Cell Phones in Class

 Guest post by  Cross posted at A Teacher’s Life for Me

I just read the 5 reasons that students should be allowed to use cell phones in class. I agree with many of the reasons listed. The point made about letting children use cells phones because they will need to use them in the real world stands true to me. Teachers should teach these students the many options that they can utilize their phones for. The article listed a few examples like taking inventory, doctors calculating dosages, and architects viewing layout plans. If people in the real world use cell phones for activities in their career, surely teachers can find a use for them in the classroom.

Another point that I agreed with was teaching the students safety with their phones. What appropriate uses for the phone may be and what inappropriate uses may be. Sometimes students don’t learn these lessons and may be using their mobile devices wrong. With all the social media that students use these days, they need to learn the boundary lines between something that is ok to post and something that might follow them forever.

Definitely a quick and interesting read. Click here to read the article yourself!


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