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on July 31, 2013

Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks

I recently watched this video as an assignment for my technology class. It does a great job of comparing the brain to a network. It makes analogies comparing synapses in our brain to hyperlinks on a website and neurons in our brain to website pages, which I thought was a cool way to look at it. It is mostly speaking about the child’s brain, rather than an adult brain, because they say the internet is still developing. What I couldn’t believe is that the video spoke about the internet being in the developing stage like a small child, and that it will continue to grow daily. I look at where internet was 5-10 years ago, and think that it has come so far, and to think that it is still developing is crazy.

Towards the end of the video, it discussed how we engage with our children and that we need to be mindful of what we let in our brains. This makes me think of the kids that are allowed to play video games non-stop or the ones that don’t have restrictions to the amount of TV or internet they use. As a parent in the future, I think it will be my responsibility to properly monitor what input my child receives. I loved the part in the video where they asked parents to send in videos showing how they engaged with their children. All parents showed unique ways that they engaged their children and it was great.

Watch the video above. Hope you like it too.


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