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Experiencing technology for the first time!

Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century

I recently watched this video to learn about different types of technology that are being used in classrooms. It has been so long since I have been in a classroom that this video took my thoughts to a whole new world. When I thought of technology in the classroom, desk top computers and SmartBoards came to mind. After watching the video, my mind has been opened to some of the opportunities available to kids these days. I started to wonder if I could even be a teacher in that type of learning environment with the technological skills that I have now. Some of the teachers brought out a good point that the advanced technology of today is the way of the children today. In oder to connect with the children and engage them in learning, you must also learn and use this technology. The authors of this video were really trying to show some ways in which technology was being used to motivate and engage children in learning.

 video games

The strategy that I enjoyed learning about the most was Playing Games. I think the idea of children as the producers and active participants of their learning is great. Playing games is more interactive and engaging for kids these days. Creating games requires the kids to think critically, ex. “What is the object of my game, how can I make it fun, what is the problem of the game, did I offer enough variety, how do you win, etc”.  Playing games requires complex problem solving and dynamic thinking. When you are the producer of the game, you must know and understand the content enough to explain or teach to other peers. This in itself assesses whether the child has learned these skills. As an example from the video, a little girl commented on the fact that she must learn in order to win the game. On the other hand, sometimes kids are so engaged that it doesn’t feel like learning to them, it is just fun. Referring back to my previous post about Smithsonian Quest, these games motivate children to learn in order to succeed and win. They find it fun and I do too!

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