Learning to Teach With Technology

Experiencing technology for the first time!

A reflection on a blog post that I read.

Here is the link to an interesting article I recently read about incorporating technology in the classroom.

Smithsonian Quests: Learning Through Discovery and Collaboration

This blog post on iLearn Technology really intrigued me. I find it a really neat idea and a big motivator for our kids to learn independently through exploration and collaboration. Through Smithsonian Quests, the students are able to create their own account or a group account can be created by their teacher. They use the website to actively pursue knowledge that is aligned with the common core standards.  As they complete activities, the kids earn digital badges to show mastery. Some of the badges that may be earned include: oral historian, historical biographer, cool curator, cultural storyteller, etc. These badges remind me of a technological version of boy scouts and girl scouts working toward mastery in a specific badge area.

 Kids actively participate on this website by listening to audio recordings, watching videos, and completing other educational activities. When kids log on, they can see their friends online, see the badges they have earned, and have the ability to write reflections and journal entries on activities they have completed. Using this program in the classroom is a great way to work collaboratively as a class to earn these badges by learning together. This website encourages kids curiosity to pursue knowledge in areas that they are interested in. The idea that this tool can be used in the classroom and have kids contribute towards a common goal among classmates is great.

Smithsonian Quest BadgesThis is an example of the badges that our kiddoes can earn.

This seems like a great blog that I will definitely reach out to again to obtain new ideas for using technology in the classroom.

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